Awards are hoax, Who cares

I may sound skeptical , all the awards(zee cine awards, color screen awards etc) nomination are out,over the years I have lost faith in these awards given to every star that promises to show up at the awards and perform.True nobody wants to see a award show with no performances on their favourite songs by their favourite stars,and stars know this well so unless they are promised to be given a award in a significant category they will definitely give it a miss,I mean there are various award shows that are giving them awards that they deserve(read want) so why should they waste their energy to shake their legs for you,when you don’t think they are worth enough to receive a trivial award like yours.So far so human and (let me look up a nice word for self-centered) self-centered(I failed),true they are no saints to behave like one.

So what was initially a platform to acknowledge talent like every other good thing in life have been overridden by a glamorous hoax.A hoax which everyone enjoys being slapped right  on their face and yet nobody complaints.Why would anybody complaint,everyone knows they are fixed and who is watching an award show for the award anyway.All we want is a full 2-3 hrs pure entertainment with all the stars together dancing, singing, poking fun at their ‘good friends’ with a mix of controversies which have been carefully edited to raise some eyebrows and for teasers.Which everyone fall for every time,who would miss what comment shahrukh made on salman now that’s something everyone is looking forward for or for instance shahrukh kissing katrina which is salman’s ex..OMG! now that’s a teaser.

All said that we already knew but I wish to see a award that don’t just give away awards on the basis of their stage performance but to new upcoming actors,directors which truly deserves viz ‘Pyaar ka punchnama’ a movie which truly deserves to be blessed with some awards but yet is absent from every award may be because of its low star cast.But when Ritesh Deshmukh gets an award for comic timing for housefull(most irritating movie ever till Sajid comes up with its sequel) what can be done.Then such is bollywood!


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