Mystery girl

We all have been through this at some point of time, I had this experience recently, talking to a complete stranger for hours about random stuff ranging from completely mundane topic of what you had for lunch to your ambitions , dreams ,fears, how life sucks  randomly punctuated with “aur batao”.

It all started with an unknown number flashing on my phone.Well if it would have happened some time ago, I would not have picked it up,as was fed up of listening to the telemarketing personnel annoyingly sweet voice trying to sell me same product over and over again,but I have recently activated DND and since then was enjoying   not been poked at odd timings.It was around 10 pm and the number flashing was of Delhi-ncr (vodafone),yes such is the frequency of me getting call from unknown numbers that I have installed a mobile tracker application from the android market,after getting calls from Orrisa, Jaipur, Karnataka to name a few with people calling to have a chat with Sahir khan, Rajesh e.t.c. From the weirdest calls I get This one time I got a call form a person claiming to be of Jaipur and possessing a secret information about a treasure and willing to share it with me only if i promise not to tell anybody, that person sounded a bit worried and obviously i disconnected the call thinking of it as some sort of a prank, but later when i located this phone call it was indeed from Jaipur, and then I wondered did i missed an opportunity, what could have been if the person was indeed possessing some info as he claims to.Back to the story…I reluctantly picked the call hoping it to be some friend or an acquaintance for least.

“Heloo…aaliyah yr we are in a big trouble..its really complicated now..God save us..”

“Hello..who is this?”I asked.

“Abu..don’t irritate me now..give the phone to aaliyah..its urgent..”

“Its not Abu..wrong number..”

“Abu stop your stupidity..i said its urgent…”

“its a wrong number” i repeated and hung up.

“I m really sorry..i dialed your nos in panic..nd said stupid things..hope u didn’t mind” I received a text after a min or two.

“Its k” I replied.

“actually i m in some trouble right now..i know u dnt have to do nythng wid it bt..i really need it to share it wid someone”

So reading this out of courtesy rather curiosity..i text-ed “ohh…what happened?”

“never mind..its a bit personal i shouldn’t share wid a stranger”she replied.

and then i didn’t replied for a while…

“actually i can share..u r a stranger what harm can u do..nd then..there is this guy..BLAH BLAH…he have BLAH BLAH..”

The problem was a cliche..”a girl stuck with a wrong guy”.

I often wonder how every nice guy I know is stuck with an evil girl, and every not so evil girl I know is stuck with a wrong boy, how come we never met the person which we want, actually its nothing to do with fate its our expectations that makes our partner not so perfect and evil for us..well in most cases.But, then its completely a different blog.

We chatted for a while,that night and I thought that was it and no point for guessing I was wrong next day I got a call from her and we chatted for a while,this continued for a while and we both were enjoying it,talking about mundane things, etc etc To my surprise she haven’t mentioned that guy again and it was a good thing I mean I don’t wont be that shoulder guy which every girl approaches to after a breakup or amid in one, often seeking for a validation of her point of view which her boyfriend refuses to.

It was a good thing we both can pour our heart out to each other as we don’t know each other in person the fear of being judged was far less and if at some point we feel that it is not working out anymore we would stop calling each other,how simple is that.

Her name was chahat a Muslim girl,pursuing graduation, very chatty.

Most of the time it was me responding with “hmm”, “oh” “nd then”… You don’t speak much she complains in between and then starts talking again, I have always been the silent types and love girls who talks a lot as we don’t have to fish for the topics to talk, or encounter awkward silence when we both ran out of topics, it seldom happens and when it does we wish each other goodbye and hung up.

I have started liking her,would wait for her call,looking every now and then at the mobile screen in case of any message or call,It was mostly because of the mystery that surrounds her.I knew very little about her ,apart from her sweet voice, I really wanted to know how she looks like.I would often picture her in my mind while talking to her.In some way it was a good thing I mean I can picture her as whoever I want, painting her as beautiful as simple and as divine as want.We seldom gets a chance to talk to such divine girls interested in us we have to run after girls like these.But soon my fantasy was going to end.

We should meet someday, she mentioned in one of our routine chats, we live in the same city, talking to each other over a month sharing everything and yet if we bumped into each other some place we won’t recognize each other how weird is that.I agreed that was sort of weird and I was eager too to meet her.

So we planned out a day some coffee shop some place quiet and nice agreed on a timing that suits both of us.

It was the D-day and I was anxious to meet her, I was not worried about what we will talk about, what should I say to impress her and all that stuff as we already knew each other, well almost and was pretty sure we will be very comfortable in each others company from the moment we would greet each other. There were millions other thought that was cluttering my mind ranging from how she looks like and how many lies she have told me about her, what if she didn’t showed up, Is this a prank, how will she perceive me and the weirdest of thought was what if this is a trap or some sort of kidnapping racket, well n numbers of crime patrol episodes have left me being skeptical about the world around.

I decided to greet her with some present and stopped by a gift shop and after spending half an hour in the gift shop, not able to decide what will be apt for the first meeting like this, and ended up purchasing some blue orchids earlier I decided to go with roses but didn’t wanted to look cheesy.

Wearing a white dress waiting for you inside the cafe, I received a text.I confirmed that I am about to reach.I entered the cafe, suddenly I started feeling jittery, I can feel my blood going through my veins and certainly there was some goosebumps I still don’t know why. Stopping right at the entrance ,scoped the room looking for white dress girl and found an simple looking girl sitting alone at corner of the cafe,she was a bit chubby and sipping coffee alone and when I was about to move towards her, A boy joined her and sat next to her, a little baffled I stopped and looked around and found another white suit girl sitting quietly facing the window, and this time I knew this was her.I moved towards her and tapped on her shoulder, chahat !

And was greeted with a broad and lovely smile..hi she uttered..with some sign of nervousness.How are you, we started with formal conversation starters, and I was wrong there was clearly some tension between us and we were not comfortable from the first moment as I previously thought we would be.I gave her those flowers and she was bit amazed and happy to see them.We ordered our drinks and to my surprise we haven’t talked to each other much and I was left wondering is this the same chatty chahat I know.She has round face with big dark brown eyes,with a cute nose,fair and have child like features with a  beautiful smile and was wearing white suit that really was looking awesome on her.But she have barely talked and we both were surrounded by that awkward silence I fear.She hesitantly gave me a bracelet which she had brought for me.We were constantly looking at each other in silence hoping soon to be broke by other.I smiled to cover my uneasiness she reciprocated the same.we did talked to each other but was very formal and full of uneasiness and still don’t know what was with her, she was really shy totally opposite to the one I have been talking to on the phone.After 1.5 hr of chit chatting or should i say silence we both mutually decided to leave wishing each other that will meet soon.

And that was the end of Story..(I thought so)



2 thoughts on “Mystery girl

  1. Lovely story. Have you read the novel called “I too had a love story?”; the story is more or less like your story except that the boy and girl get to know each other on a matrimonial website called ‘’. It’s a very simple story with plain English that makes it more simpler. It’s not an excellent novel but at least one can sympathize with the author who is the protagonist in the story 🙂

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