Mystery girl

We all have been through this at some point of time, I had this experience recently, talking to a complete stranger for hours about random stuff ranging from completely mundane topic of what you had for lunch to your ambitions , dreams ,fears, how life sucks  randomly punctuated with “aur batao”. Continue reading


Have you ever been in love (stanza 2)

Have you ever been in love,

love so pure so intense,

that no matter how much the person hurts you

your feelings go wild

just at the moment of their sight.

Have you ever forced the thought

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I will always love you-original love poem

i will love you forever

Love you till the end

Lying on the floor
he was still,
Still like a leaf
floating over a naive lake,
With everything else right on its place,
Lies a knife beside,
With a red hairline on its blade,
None heard him scream
for his life,
He already did it enough when was alive,
A white piece of paper
Crushed between his left hand fist,
Still holding it tight
as if it’s all that matters,
More than his life
Paper was stainless
It contained a man’s lastwords
With a smudgy handwritting
blurred with tears it read
“I will always love you”

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Have you ever been in love-original love poem

agony of love

have you ever been in love

Have you ever loved someone,

knowing that the person,

was never yours and will never be,

have you ever cried for the person,

over the clammy cushion,

suffering through sleepless nights,

have you ever felt the agony of love,

when the one you love,

don’t love you back,

despite your altruism,

have love ever made you wonder,

if death would be less painful,

have you ever been

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love at first sight-original love poem

I Love you

Love at first sight

I thought love was just a mirage,

It’s an illusion it’s fake, impossible to find,

But the day I saw you first, I began to see,

that love is real, and exists in me.

It was a winter’s day long ago,

there was nothing extraordinary in the morning,

till the time I saw a beautiful you,

I fell in love and I’ll never know

just what it was that made me feel so drawn to you,

Was it the sparkle in your eyes,

the kindness in your smile,

the serenity in your stride,

the sound of your voice,

the power in your face,

or just the calming of your presence,

It was difficult to choose,

what the appeal that set my pulses so to race

whenever I gazed upon your face,

I lost my heart to your Eyes,

hiding behind that rectangle shape.

I was trapped in the moment and I do not wish release

I wish to stay

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Smitten By Love-poem

I always wished to be smitten by love at least once,

and now when its all over me i wonder why i wished,

paradox it is how love hurts,

no matter how strong your E.Q. is,

you will definitely besieged bludgeoned,

till you accept your defeat,

enduring it over a period of time and,

you will fall in love with this agony.

no matter how much you dwell whine,

or realize how you have became precarious and fragile,

how love have undermined,

love have

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Does love really exist??

There was a boy, he fell in love with this not so extra ordinary but a simple, beautiful girl…they were two young people happened to be on verge of exploring things and rebellious in nature as they were in there mid teens, this is no different then the usual love stories. After sometime the girl too reciprocate the same feelings for the boy and they started spending time together going to the fares,shopping and the usual stuff two young people will do when they can’t have enough off each other.This boy was a bright child and was among the toppers and the girl too was excellent in her studies,but somehow the boy was stupid enough to loose focus of his studies and eventually his result got down that year.That was the last year of school and the two still in love with each other decided to get married in near future.Due to the poor performance in every entrance exam that year the boy didn’t make it to the Top college but eventually got admission in mediocre college for and the girl had decided to stay in the town and pursue her graduation…so long story cut short they have to move on different paths, but they decided to keep their promises and

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