Guwahati Girl molesters – Society

Guwahati girl molestersMost of you must be aware of the “guwahati girl’s molestation by mob” case till now,as it is all over the news channels now but the case date backs to 4 days and it was after the video went viral on internet, police authorities have step in and have arrested 4 out of the 30 people which can be clearly seen in the footage.

We all agree what happened was shameful and disgusting at its best and all of you must be filled with anger and frustration against those men ,authority,police and government.And we can go on and on about this.

The video clearly reflects the kind of society we live in, the mentality that is brooding among us,and when I say society each one of us is a part of it.

There were 3 kinds of people on that video the molester,the molester and the molester.

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